I'm Building a Business from Scratch & Documenting My Journey for You

Starting my own business has been my dream forever.

In fact, I’ve been obsessed with it for more than a decade (I’m 24 BTW)

Reading/Listening/Watching/Thinking/Planning about business and learning about it.

If you ask my friend, they’ll tell you how much I'd love to talk about it.

So are you wondering why haven’t I started it yet?

Like most people, I don’t want to say I’m busy or blame it on circumstances either.

It’s plain simple, I didn’t take action

And that’s the ONLY reason that makes me as yet another dreamer who dreams about starting a business one day.

What I’m going to do NOW?

Well, I’m going to build a web startup from scratch and document everything.

Yep from scratch. I don’t any fancy business plan or friends with any internet celebrity or email newsletter with 1000s of subscribers.

In fact, I think I don’t think anyone is following me/my works intentionally.

I’m just nobody on the internet. Trying to build internet startup from scratch.

And I want to transition from being just a developer to a maker who can take care of himself and his family :)

Why am I doing this in public?

I want to hold myself accountable. It’s not just on my mind/diary anymore.

What’s in it for you?

I think this post is full of me, me, me content so far. Here’s how my journey will help you.

As of now, I don’t have any proper process/workflow/anything else for my business. I’ll have to figure out everything and do it. Which means I’ll be documenting everything. And some of my app’s source code will be open source.

You can use that as a roadmap for building your business :)

How can you keep updated on my journey?

I’ll be sending a weekly update with the lessons I’ve learned, successes and failures and everything else.

Please make sure to sign up for email updates

So what do you think about it? Any advice? Or did you've any similar experience?