This Week in Review 2018 #5: Event, Someone questioning my ability


The event that I talked about last week it happened on Jan 31.

Like I said last week we had to develop an app with an unreasonable deadline. We literally had to stay at office day and night to work on it.

Dev → Deploying → QA → Bugs → Fixing Bugs → Deploying → …..

This cycle happened over and over again.

Anyway, we did it and provided support for the event.

Do I like working like this?


Unless I have very strong reason besides some not-so-planned deadline and other dumb reasons.

I can’t speak for others whom I worked with but I think they would agree with me on this :)

Questioning my ability

Technically, I was supposed to work on another project (same client) but instead, I’ve worked on that event app.


I believe that it’s higher priority.

It’s not like I didn’t plan my works (sprint task) for the other project that I was supposed to do.

Besides, that backend guys and everyone was so busy with that event app.

Instead of just working for the sake of working/pretending to be working, I chose the help my teammates who were building the event app.

In the call with the project manager of the other project, I didn’t properly communicate.

And I think that’s a huge mistake.

PM questioned me as if I didn’t work for the past week.

Yep… The week I was helping my teammates with the event app

Worked more than 15 hours a day as if someone pointing a gun at our back.

In the return what I get is someone questioning my work and my ability?

I completely own it’s my mistake for not communicating properly.

I’m might not have much experience in working with others.

But for some reason, I find it hard to accept the fact it’s their job to do so. And I think it’s not a proper way to question someone. (developer point of view)

Maybe I would’ve done the same if I put myself in their position. Maybe not.

But that’s not the point here.

I gave chance to someone to question my work and that bothers me.

(Lesson learned the hard way)

To fix this:

I’ve sent a detailed report of what I’ve been doing for the past few days to the PM. Just to be clear I’m doing my works.

And also did the work what that PM thought I won't be able to do within the deadline on the same day to see what I’m capable of doing and also show them that I'm capable of doing it.

And yeah, that felt really good :).

Here’s how it went

  • Got all the dependencies for the feature that I was building. Thanks to backend guys.
  • Went to the conference room.
  • Put on my headphones
  • Complete isolation from everyone and everything.
  • Just started working on it.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.



Watched Thor Ragnarok

And also The Irregular At Magic High School movie. It good like it's anime series.