This Week in Review 2018 #4: NFN Annual Trip, Travel, Deadline

You’ve some important work.

And had to get it done by end of the week.

In most cases, we would procrastinate and start working on it at the last possible moment. (Sounds familiar?)

That’s certainly the case with my weekly review.

Even though I’ve written down rough draft I kept on waiting perfect time to rewrite and publish it here on my blog. (Like we wait for many things in our life)

Perfection should not stand in the way of creation.

I want it to be perfect but at the same time, I don’t want that to be a roadblock for publishing weekly reviews. So I’ll be publishing it even if they are imperfect.

Let’s get back to this week review.


I had some work to do at my college and so got day off from work but made a stupid mistake of not informing some people whom I should I’ve informed about my day off :(

Recently Tamil Nadu government had increased bus fares. And like demonetization, they implemented it in a day.

Now I had to pay like more than 2x of what I used to pay and for that amount, I would get a better private bus.

I really like traveling late night :)

Unreasonable deadline.

One of our clients wants to develop an app for the event. It’s kind of simulator for their own cryptocurrency based investment platform.

They’ve arranged a huge event but unfortunately, it seems like they didn’t plan the app properly for the event (at least to my knowledge)

Instead of developing separate iOS & Android they want it to be a native mobile app like web app.

Yep... Native-like web app.

It would usually take like 2 months with QA testing but they want to build it in like 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, we were not able to say no to them at the moment.

And the great news is designed is not frozen. They’ve started making design/workflow changes on the fly and sometimes they didn’t keep us in the loop.


Though we (frontend guys) didn’t work exclusively at the beginning, we eventually started helping the one who did the project from scratch.

We spliced our work and done the task which we are familiar with. In my case, it’s JavaScript logics & helping others to resolve their issues.

That’s really productive and most pissed off week for us (at least for now in 2018)

Literally, we had to work day and night to finish it off.

Long story short, we've build it before deadline

NFNLabs Annual Trip

January 26, it’s not just republic day but also annual trip time here at NFNLabs.

Due to unreasonable deadline (and design changes), some of us were not able to join us for it at the last moment :(

Jan 26 → Day 1

It’s kind of boring to me.

Maybe I was super tired because of not sleeping the day before.

We just chilled and took rest.

Jan 27 → Day 2

Party, casual talk, playing Stick-fighting like a small boy (not giving damn what others think), quick running and lot of other fun.

By evening we started talking about things that we know/like/dislike about everyone. That was fun.

Some of them were high at the moment and said some crazy stuff.

And other dramatic moments. I'm not talking anything related to Jaison here. Really, You can ask him if you don't believe me :P

Jan 28 → Day 3

We had to wake up early.

5:30 AM.

There are lot of days that I’ve slept by that time but can’t think of any recent day when I’ve woke up by that time :P

We’ve attended our team mate’s marriage.

On the way back to Madurai we had dive into Veerapandi Riverbed. That was totally awesome.

After having very good lunch we had some time to kill.

Decided to go to Nimir Tamil movie.

In one word it’s a story less movie-like very big ad for Paragon footwear.

22/01/2018 - 28/01/2018