This Week in Review 2018 #3: Bullet Journal, Dev to Maker Mentality

Like many of you, I’ve tried out many todo lists like Todoist, Things, Reminder and plain-old text file but I’m not able to use any of those efficiently for a long time.

I think the problem with the digital list we ended up adding too many tasks in it all the time and feel overwhelmed. (Does it sound familiar?)

When I’ve lot of task on my plate and have to race against time, I prefer to list them in paper and check it one by one ✅

One of my goals this year is to manage time properly and so decided to try out my own productivity system based on Bullet Journal

Here’s how my daily entry looks like

Basically, I’m just splitting my day into Morning/Afternoon/Evening and add my todo/events accordingly.

I’ve tried to list all tasks without splitting but I felt overwhelmed (the reason why I’m moving away from digital todo lists)

And highlight ONE task that I need to get done that day.

Let see how it goes :)

Like to try out bullet journal/ inspiration for your system?

Here is some resource for you.


Async + Await — Syntax Podcast 028

Learned about resolving double promises from Wes

Confronting Your Fears and Taking a Leap with Pieter Levels of Nomad List - The Indie Hackers Podcast ?

A must listen to episode for anyone who wants to build & ship stuff.

One thing I learned from Pieter and other independent makers is tech stack/beautiful code/other-awesome-stuff doesn’t matter

What matter is Building → Shipping → Feedback → Iterating cycle.

So no more building nice to have feature/build it from scratch mentality (avoiding third-party services)

For example, instead of building user management module from scratch we should prefer using services like Auth0 who do their job much more efficiently than us.



Sadly, Stripe is not available in India. And I don’t think anyone wants to deal with PayPal’s complexity & fees.

There is Stripe alternative/clone → Razorpay especially for India but I don’t feel like using it.

I’ve stumbled across Paddle and I’m thinking about using it for my SaaS apps/other things.

  • No monthly subscription.
  • Reasonable price.
  • And other cool feature.


Started learning about Vue → Introduction to Vue.js

Wes Bos has released his CSS Grid course → Added it to my to learn list :)


That's it for this week :)