2018 Week 1 Review

Happy new year!

Like last year I don’t have resolutions. But I do have SPECIFIC goals to achieve this year. And I’ll write little more about it in my 2017 review post.

One of my goals is to improve my communication skills.

What’s better way than to improve writing skills than blogging :)

Yeah! I’ve been blogging for a long time but not a very active one.

Why am I starting a new blog?

Well… I don’t want to suddenly write some random post on my dev blog.

So my plan is to write development related post in AshikNesin.com

And others in AshikNes.in ?

What I’ll be writing here?

Here’s are some my things I’m thinking about writing

  • Weekly Review
  • Life Lessons
  • Books Notes
  • Anime / Movies
  • Anything that I find interesting

Why am I doing this Weekly Review?

Basically, I’ll jot down things I learned, the takeaway from podcast/articles, what I’m doing, the interesting thing that happened.

It’s like a note to my feature self

So instead of writing it in my journal, I’m going to write it here in the hope that it might be useful to someone.

2017 Week 1

1/1/2018 to 7/1/2018

24th Birthday

I’ve decided to not celebrate my birthday (I believe there are other thing matters to me right now than celebrating it)

Last year itself I’ve hidden my birthday info in social networks.

To my surprise, I’ve ended up cutting birthday cake at my workplace That was actually fun.


I’ve listed to couple of others but the one that I really like this week ?

Terry Crews — How to Have, Do, and Be All You Want — The Tim Ferriss Show — Overcast

  • You really do get what you want. The way your life is you want it.
  • The truth is if you want something different you change it.
  • Busy is a decision
  • The Master Key System book → “In order to have, you have to do. In order to do, you have to be.”
  • Do not compete with others.
  • “If I did create a better chair than yours then it would be something that everybody has done and with a little tweak over here and there.”


In development side of things, I’ve kind of overworked this week. Some of them ended up becoming shallow work.

For example, I had to do lots of repetitive works (redux saga lifecycle). At first, I have done everything manually and ended up taking lots of time and getting stressed.

At least at the end, I’ve actually setup snippet in VS Code and able to work like Ninja ⚡️

Open Source / Writings

How to Fix WordPress Image Upload HTTP Error in Nginx

Add “Your repositories” link to navbar profile dropdown by AshikNesin · Pull Request #962 · sindresorhus/refined-github · GitHub


I’ve started watching Trollhunters. Didn’t finish season one yet. But so far it’s really good.


That’s it for this week.