100 Days of Startup: Day #39

Worked on of pending projects.


Some of the podcasts that I’ve listed to today:

1: How to Start a Consulting Business: Your First $5k

  • Target Business.
  • The clients should gain more value from you.
  • Speak with the clients, don’t look it like Sales guy.
  • Base the price to the value to the customer. How bad of the problem it is to the client.
  • Pick a focus. Position yourself as an expert.

2: Turning a Service Business into a Passive Income Stream - Make the pain go away



Learn Just Enough To Build What You Need

  • She learned enough Visual Basic to automate parts of his work and help him get out of the office earlier.
  • When she launched marketing at Twilio, she'd never been a marketer. Instead, she started with a key metric and goal—increasing the number of developers using Twilio's platform—and found success by working backward from there.
  • Morrill summarizes her philosophy on taking risks by saying, “If the risk won't kill you, take it. At the end of your life, you're always going to wish you took more risks.”