100 Days of Startup: Day #23

Worked on client projects.

In the article New – Managed Databases for Amazon Lightsail they’ve used AWS Polly for converting the text to audio form.

It’s really cool. And doesn’t sound like some robot.

Out of curiosity tried converted Quitting my job has been the best thing I've done for my career to audio form

And the output audio is awesome. ?

I’m thinking about a tiny app using it.

Some of the articles that I’ve read today:

Growing Our SaaS Company To $1M+ ARR: 7 People, 3 Years, No VC Money. Key Lessons Learned

Your product should have a clear advantage. Something that will help you to stand out and ideally not so easy to copy for a competitor. This cannot be for example 10% lower price.

How to start a business in a month - What do you personally want to get out of the business? - What would be a success for the business at the end of the month?