100 Days of Startup: Day #14

In the workplace, it’s easy to misunderstand anything. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that only misunderstanding happens at work.

Sometimes we just got to pick what might be good for us and move on with life.

Work is just works. And we shouldn't be associating yourself with work.

Because at the end of the day, we might work to live but definitely not live to work. (Unless you are passionate about what you're doing and it's YOUR work)

Some random things that happened today: - Had a chat with an indie maker, Chris. We talked about his current project, mine and all :) - The podcast that I’ve listed to today: #25 - Michael Pollan - How to change your mind

And yeah, I was having a super important conversation with my friend and ended up posting this exactly 1-2 seconds after/during 12 AM.

Well, I'm going to trim those three seconds and change the date to 10/10/18. Because posting a blog post before the next day is something that I came up with in day 1. But it's not the rule that I said I would be following.